Self -House: What is it, how to do

They say that everything new is well forgotten old. The same can be said about repair methods, as well as building materials. After all, new materials are not always distinguished by durability and strength, and old materials return their former popularity. Construction is increasingly used by Saman, which is a composite material consisting of straw, water, earth, clay and sand. This material when creating is plastic, so it must be manually laid in the process of building buildings. Samanen houses differ in a number of features. First of all, this is environmental friendliness, since the composition of the material includes only natural components of natural origin. The clay that is part of the Samam has the healing properties.

When carrying out repair work, it is important to engage in the installation of communications and installing the necessary equipment. If you just bought air conditioners in Dnepropetrovsk, you need to invite specialists to install them. Such air conditioners are reliable, long service life, as well as high quality. Therefore, by installing the air conditioning, you will immediately feel the advantage of choosing this technique.

Other advantages of self -propelled houses include their reliability, which was repeatedly proved by historical facts. After all, many ancient buildings were created from the components that make up the Saman. Samanen houses should have a strong and reliable roof, as well as a good foundation so that the building does not collapse from water exposure. Samannaya houses are distinguished by the preservation of heat inside the building, and in the summer days it will be cool and comfortable here.