Samples of roofing material: how not to get confused when choosing

In 2009, in front of the central office of the Broke Group of Companies, the exhibition stand was installed with a total length of 50 meters and 3 meters high.

On this stand, unique in its kind, samples of various roofing materials are placed. A potential buyer has the opportunity to examine in detail one or another type of roofing material, feel, touch and even “try on the tooth”. In addition to a purely demonstration function, this stand performs another important function, which can conditionally be called a test. By acquiring one or another roofing material, it is difficult to say what qualities of a positive or negative nature will appear during operation.

For more than three years, samples of the unique innovative material of the Kramoplast from the domestic manufacturer LLC “Construction Innovations” have been placed on the demonstration stand. The commercials showed the exceptional strength of this material. The full chemical composition of porcelast is not disclosed and represents a commercial secret, but, according to rumors, Russian defense makes armor -wrappings from such material. After the three -year period, it is possible to say with full confidence that the characteristics declared by the manufacturer remained at a constant level. Keramoplast does not exfoliate. Warping and changes in the form was also not noted. As for the color, the shade has slightly changed under the influence of sunlight. Blue and green to a greater extent, red-brown to a lesser extent.

If we talk about a change in color, then only, perhaps, bitumen tiles are least susceptible to this process. Such resistance to ultravioletus is due to the fact that the upper layer of the tile is a sprinkle from basalt granulatory (certainteed) or shale crumbs (icopal). Changing the color shade is not only subject to keramoplast. For example, one of the leading manufacturers of cement-sand tiles, the Finnish company A-Tiilikate, openly declares that its products during operation can slightly change color. You can purchase a keramoplast through official dealers that work in various regions of the Russian Federation. In the Central Black Earth Region of the Russian Federation, these products can be ordered at the Voronezh company “Teplokrov”.