Salt panels: what is

It is difficult to find finishing material, which, in addition to decorative functions, will have the healing properties. But still, if you look, you can stumble on salt panels, the basis of which are natural crystals of stone salt. In addition to their healing properties, salt panels are very beautiful, extraordinary and attractive, make the room warmer and give it their unique character. If you continue to talk about the advantages of solo panels, then it is worth mentioning the functions: – ionized air; – air saturation with microelements; – a favorable effect on the respiratory system and the body; – the fight against thyroid diseases, neurosis, dermatological diseases, diseases of the digestive system. In addition, salt panels contain a number of useful elements, such as: magnesium, iodine, zinc, lithium, selenium, manganese, calcium, iron and copper. Salt structures are in demand when arranging baths and saunas. It is scientifically proven that the use of panels of this species in the sauna significantly increases the level of beneficial effects on well -being and health. In addition, salt panels are also used in the arrangement of residential premises. Salt panels consist of salt crystals, which are fixed on a wooden or plastic base, which should pass the light. The basis can be a wide variety of colors, salt is applied to it by spraying or pieces. There are also solo paintings that have all the above properties of ordinary salt panels, but at the same time they will give design a special charm, sophistication and chic. Salt that is used for paintings can be gray, white or orange. Also applicable naturally – green or blue salt. If desired, you can buy salt puzzles that make it possible to create paintings of unique images. These puzzles allow you to create 22 image combinations. It is also worth noting a rather simple installation process that will require only four screws from you, which must be tightened at four corners of the composition. When dismantling – the same four screws must be unscrewed.