Rubber tiles – the result of the development of technology

With the development of technology, more and more new materials appear in construction. Often it happens that the new material almost immediately becomes popular and used by many. One of these was rubber tiles, which has many advantages. Such tiles of rubber crumbs that appear after processing out of their car tires. This method is explained by the fact that the tires have the most durable rubber, which is the most wear -resistant among all types of rubber that exist today. It is made from the most high -quality raw materials and various components. After rubber tiles are “born”, it gets all these best qualities.

The tile we consider does not crumble and does not break, and also has the highest strength. Low temperatures have practically no influence on it, because such tiles are good to use in the construction of sidewalks.

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A number of other advantages speak in favor of the “paving” tiles. This tile is safe. She passes water through herself, as a result of which she can not form puddles. This is significantly during periods of frosts, when the tile does not become how much and does not freeze. Rubber tiles are easy to care for. A simple hose from which it is watered will be sufficient, as a result of which the surface is easily cleaned. Another plus of rubber tiles when used in sidewalks is that it can be put on embedded soil, ordinary asphalt or concrete screed. Cutting it is also very simple. It is enough to have an electrician or even a regular knife.

It is worth noting environmental friendliness and safety for the health of rubber tiles. In addition, she is a stand to the heat and cold, does not get wet and is not polluted, durable and can be operated for a long time. All this prompted the use of this tile when arranging tennis courts, playgrounds, rollerdromes and other similar places.