Round foundry: what is

Two annular bridge taps serve a round foundry yard. In the future, it is envisaged to translate powerful domain stoves to mixer buckets weighing up to 420 tons of cast iron, which will facilitate the work in the foundry of the mobility.

The equipment of slag dehydrators with pipelines and structures with a total mass of more than 1000 tons is collected and mounted with blocks through mounting openings with a bridge crane with a carrying capacity of 10 tf. The mounting ring monorail with a carrying capacity of 10 TS serves the installation and repair of Furmen devices. Each of the four letters for the installation and repair of the electric bundle installed a special monorail. It is always important to apply for work to professionals. Whether it is repairs, or a tax deduction when buying an apartment on a mortgage.

The main elements of a steel, self-supporting, non-humorous ring and columns of the casing of blasties for the first time in the USSR were made of steel of the C-45 grade 16G2AF 45 mm thick and 18g2AF 40 mm thick, supplied according to the CCT 1-349-68. The experience of welding thick -walled structures made of such steel, especially in installation conditions, was not. With the help and participation of the Electric Warning Institute E. ABOUT. Pathona after laboratory tests applied electrical welding technology for vertical connections. Welding was carried out with gaps between the edges of sheets about 20 mm by serial devices of the A-681 and A-820M type on a constant current polarity current. For welding, a standard welding wire of the SV-UNMA brand with a diameter of 3 mm with an AN-8M brand flux was used. The speed of welding of steel sheets with a thickness of 45 mm was 2.4-2.7 m/h, instead of 1.5-1.7 m/h with the usually used gaps between sheets of 24-28 mm.