Roofing clay -bearing: what is

Let’s go back to nature. So it turns out that the past and forgotten becomes the most famous. Demand increases for objects of rural antiquity, for dwellings in a natural and natural style.

Roofs made of clay -bearing material are also related to the natural style. The clay -sulfide roof at its cost is very cheap, at the same time fire -guided and very durable. For such a roof, high quality straw is needed. Clay needs to be used frozen and oily. The arrangement of such a roof must be carried out in the spring or in the first months of summer, so that it is finally dried up to the cold. One cubic meter of clay is enough for the manufacture of thirty meters of square clay -bearing roof. The basis for such a roof is a strong. During the construction of such a roof, a construction tent may be needed, so take care in advance about its acquisition.

Work on the education of the roof must be built as follows. Water is mixed with clay in proportions two to one. The straw was tied in sheaves and put in pits for impregnation. Prepared straw, poured, clay and trampled with their feet until the namesake until the clay comes out, to the surface. Such sheaves can be stored for two days.

A number of poles are the base under the roof, the poles of the roof parallel to the end. Straw sheaves are laid out from the bottom up on the lattice. At a time when the sheaves are subject to styling, they are unleashed, and then aligned with a layer of 10-15 cm. Appropriate the first row, one further on top is placed on top, another and so on the inclined to the skate. With a sequence through three rows, they should be aligned with rakes, and poured with clay solution. After which straw straightens the board and is pressed on top of the same board. When the entire roof is laid, the next layer of straw is laid on top. The straw should be laid simultaneously from the two edges of the dwelling so that the roof does not skew.

After the entire roof is completely laid, it is doused with the oily mixture of clay from the top and aligned again. The result is a delightful, smooth and solid roof. She looks unusual, but very natural.