Rivets with a thread from Verkman: varieties

Rivets with threads have the same functions as exhaust rivets, however, the rod is excluded in them, and a thread is applied inside the crushed part. This makes it possible to ensure sufficient strength of fasteners, and it is much easier to perform installation. In addition, such rivets with the presence of internal threads can be used to fasten the screws. Such rivets with carvings are bought in the company Verkman, and they combine two types of connections at the same time. Installation is carried out by pressing the parts of the product by means of a special tool – riveter. With gradual twisting, the part is reduced and the tight seizure of fastened elements occurs.

The most popular are steel rivets with threads, but aluminum provides not only strength, but also the ease of design. In addition, aluminum fasteners are not only building material, but also copes with decorative functions.

In their form, rivets with carvings are divided into hexagonal and cylindrical. The facets of the rivet allow us to exclude the turning of the fastener, however, cylindrical products on the outer surface can have special notch that perform the same function as the faces – they are usually used to fasten milder building materials.

In the event that rivets with threads should support a rather heavy structure, then it is advisable to resort to products with a standard side. If the requirements for the appearance of the fasteners are presented, then it is worth using threaded rivets with a cylindrical, secret or reduced side.

Rivets with threads can be used to perform a variety of tasks – depending on the material used for their manufacture, and for this reason it is necessary to be especially careful about choosing this fastener. If you cannot decide on the choice of the necessary rivets, then our managers will provide you with qualified assistance.