Ribbon foundation: varieties, distinctive features

There are several varieties of the foundation in construction. The most popular in the construction of private houses is the strip foundation. The choice of a strip foundation is explained by the minimum financial costs and the simplicity of execution. Also, a common option is to combine a strip foundation with pile. The advantage of choosing such a foundation is the fact that it is easy to do it with your own hands. For this, only you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions and some features. Often this option of the foundation is used for houses, it is planned to build a basement or warm underground. It is best to install a strip foundation in the non -poudy and dry soils otherwise will increase the financial costs for numerous excavation work.

Before laying the foundation, it is necessary to carefully study the breed and the properties of the soil on the site selected for construction. This is very important in order to accurately determine the choice of the type of foundation, as well as the depth of its laying. You can proceed to the implementation of the foundation immediately after all preparatory work, as well as after the exact design of the building, be it a house, bath or garage. In the course of the installation of a strip foundation, it is necessary to break it on the axis. Theodolite is most suitable for this process. If there is no theodolite, then, in principle, pegs with cords are suitable. After the breakdown on the axis, the stage of digging the trench follows. You can dig a trench yourself, but to save time and effort, it is best to use additional services of special equipment. After this, the trench is covered with layers of sand and gravel or gravel. After that, it is concreted for reliability.