Requirements for materials for building a bathhouse

The material designed to build a bathhouse, first of all, depends on the place of its location. Since it can be located, both inside a residential building, and is a separate structure.

By tradition, Russian baths have always been built as a separate building. Thus, they minimized the danger of a fire, because the bathhouse has a fire warming the room. By the way, it will not be superfluous to buy a professionalist in Kyiv is not very expensive.

Bans were also built from the most common material in Rus’ – wood. It is also environmentally friendly, retains warm and beautiful. In addition, when heating the tree, phytoncides are released, and a healthy microclimate is created.

They erect a bathhouse from a log, and it can be either allocated, from a beam, and a hand cutting.

All types of rod are suitable for creating a bath: massive and solid and glued. The latter, thanks to modern technologies, has minimal humidity, which practically does not create shrinkage compared to the classic chopped bath.

Standard chopped bath is built in two approaches at least. Without fail, after laying a log house, it is necessary to give a very long time for a shrinkage process for it. And only after that the second stage of the construction of the bath begins. And the bathhouse erected from the adhesive beam can be finished right after the end of the installation process.