Repairs in the capital: what to look for

After thinking of making repairs in the capital, you should know about some nuances. Repair prices are too different to talk unequivocally about them. Sometimes, repairs can cost you exactly as much as your apartment costs. The prices for repairs depend on the material that you buy for repair. You will be offered a huge number of construction brigades from different companies. Who suits you? Who should you choose? What should be considered mainly? The main criterion is your wallet. It is better not to save on masters. You can buy screw conveyors at the given link.

After all, saving is not always correct and not always savings appropriate. Squeaky pays twice, and why do you need extra problems? We do not want to finish work for bad masters and pay 2 times more? Of course not! Because the choice of the master is an important thing. It is common when the company offers you a warranty of 12 months. But there are those that give guarantees for a longer period. This is an important aspect in the choice of professionals. The prices of repair work ranges – from 50 to 250 at. e. per 1 m. sq. (this is not counting the materials). If you trust not professionals, then the price can vary from 20 at. e. Why do prices depend? The only question is, you are going to make cosmetic repairs, or a major euro. Price for renovation varies from 130 to 160 U. e. If you calculate that one -room apartment is standardly 70 m. sq., then the price of the repair will be from 9100 to 11200 at. e. For many years you will be free from thoughts about repairs and get quality guarantees. There is also a discount system. These types of work will require you as large costs: • tile; • painting; parquet.