Repair of the old parquet: how to fulfill

The time comes when you have to solve the problem of restoring the flooring, the reasons for this are different, but this is not the main thing, it is important how to correctly perform this work.

First of all, when restoring the old parquet floor, you should pay attention to the use of rivets – in the case when they stagger or fall out, replace them with new.

Когда клепка надежно закреплена на своем месте, но имеет изношенный вид, то ее необходимо вытащить и заменить. To remove the remains of the old glue from the cell or solving problems with a problem floor, it is best to use a laminate disk, although you can use the chisel.

Installation of new rivets

It is necessary to treat the mints on old products with a special responsibility to mount. For this you need to take the rubbish and comb the comb from the parquet new boards. Sometimes another problem may appear the crest of the closest rivet can interfere with the styling of a new one, then you should use a plane to easily eliminate such a problem.

In order to replace the full row of Parkests, they need to be numbered, then clean the old rivet from glue and glue the gauze “laying” on the inner surface. Gauze should be glued to each rivet used.

After installing the rivets in the future, you should do the cracks. Mandatory remove dust and garbage from the cracks, and then close the cracks with putty. To fill the cracks with this material, you can use a spatula or knife. When rubbing putty, it is necessary that it does not tow is above the parquet level.

If you do not want to do such painstaking work, replace the parquet with a downted board.