Repair of combined coatings: how to do it with your own hands

In the presence of external or internal water -drift devices on the combined coating, it is necessary to periodically examine them and check the strength of the mounting of the drain pipes to the walls of the building, the density of the connection of individual links, the correct installation of funnels, etc.

The durability of individual coatings, as a rule, are different. With the service life of most elements of the coating structures equal to the service life of the building (60-100 years), individual coating elements, and especially the roll waterproofing carpet, after 15-20 years, become unusable, therefore it is necessary every 10-12 years make a major overhaul of the roof with its replacement on an area of ​​about 40-50%. The roof of the kitchen part also requires a special approach. If your kitchen furniture has some special characteristics and functions, then it should be taken into account.

In addition to major repairs, as needed, but at least once every 2 years, the current repair of roll roofs should be carried out with the elimination of detected water and air bags, as well as with a replacement (if necessary) roof on an area of ​​up to 10-15%.

Roll roofs should be repaired in the dry and warm season. It is allowed to proceed with the repair only when preparing all the materials necessary for this. The schedule of repair work should be drawn up so that by the end of the work shift, the open area of ​​the combined coating is covered with a new waterproofing carpet.

When sticking a new carpet, you need:

– apply the material the same as used in the installation of a combined roof;

– The damaged area after removing the old carpet is thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dry.