Repair in the house: Ground varnishing with your own hands

House repair involves not only wall decoration, but also sex. Today it has become quite fashionable to lay floors from natural wood. They are beautiful enough, but they have problems with strength. To protect your wooden floors, it is recommended to cover them with special yacht varnish.

So, to cover your wooden floor, you will not need any huge efforts or years of construction experience. All you need is a yacht varnish that you can purchase at any household chemical store and what you will apply this varnish on the floor. The best choice will be a roller, but you can use the usual brush. If your floor has already been varnished previously, then you should definitely remove it. In the event that your floor is quite badly damaged, for example, there are visible cracks on it, then you should purchase a putty and close up.

After that, you should sprinkle the floor and clean it of any dirt and dust. Then begin to apply varnish. Do it carefully and slowly. After it has been applied, you should wait for a certain time that will be written on a bank with a varnish. As soon as the first layer dries, wipe it again and sprinkle the floor. After you can continue to cover the floor with other layers of varnish, depending on how strong you want to make it. Pay special attention to the imposition of the first layer.

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