Repair in old apartments: what to pay attention to

Apartments in new buildings and housing in the secondary market have fundamental differences. Features of the old buildings make certain adjustments to the procedure for the construction and repair work, which, however, affects their cost. At the same time, it is important to know the key features associated with the implementation of redevelopment, reorganization, cosmetic and overhaul in apartments in the houses of old buildings.

A more correct solution is to move for the duration of the repair to some other place so as not to breathe dirt and dust. In this case, you can move to relatives, friends or acquaintances. In the secondary housing market in most houses, engineering networks are in sufficiently worn out. It is for this reason that it makes no sense to carry out the reconstruction of communication. It is much more profitable and at the same time more practical to dismantle old engineering networks, and then lay new networks. This applies to water pipes, sewage system and electrical wiring. Here you should deviate a little from the topic.

When carrying out repair, special attention should be paid to the soundproofing and thermal insulation of the room so that noise is heard from the street, the conversations of the neighbors, and also to reduce the cost of heating the room. The use of plates made on the basis of mineral wool or polystyrene not only helps to improve the heat -insulating properties of housing, but also to reduce the material costs of the owner of the apartment for the black decoration. In addition, it is also not necessary to level the planes of the walls of the old apartment, the directness of which only leaves much to be desired, thereby demanding significant physical efforts.