Removing old taps: how to do it yourself

Do not know how the coordination of stupa is performed? Then the information presented on the site located at the link is exactly what you need! Information is presented in an accessible form and will be easily understandable not even to a person who is wise in this matter.

Due to the long operation, chips, scratches and spots arise on the treads, as well as cracks and uneven wear. In the stairs, at least some kind of simply change individuals, in addition to a rounded dungeon, 1 step, to replace which will need to be shown the railing and remove the lower supporting rack of the railing. If the staircase does not have a carpet, try to choose a material suitable for the original for substitution. For the substitution of the click on which the coating will be laid, take part of the window sill, which is produced with ready -made rounded edges.

You are also given the opportunity to make a tread from each plank of a soft rock, drinking it in volume, twisting the outer edge with a fuganka and cleaning it with a skin.

The easiest way is to take off the tile on top, however, since you do not have access from below, get a job not to move the wedge in the PAZ of the bowstring. As soon as the wedge is lost, resting freshly tuck on the bar with a cross section of 60 by 35 mm, fixed with screws to the bowstring, therefore, so that its upper edge was in a certain plane with the lower layer.

Subsequently, the removal of the trunk balusters, the side belt and the overhead side roller drill holes for the first time and arrange the cuts across the drooping in 2 places, without touching the lower and upper approaches.

Cut the chisel in the middle part of the tuning over the riser so in order to remove the roller in the absence of defects of the rowing row. Move back over time, chopping off the pieces. Eliminate the final slightly downshole cm, because in this place it is fixed with screws to the rear approach. Then, in the same way, with a kiyanka and chisel, delete the 2nd lobes of the step, splitting the tree near the nails and eliminating nails and self -tapping screws.