Removable cameras: what is it, features

The floor is made with a slope to the pier, from where the condensate flows or pumps into the sewer. Pit and tunnel chambers are equipped with exhaust ventilation.

Pereushed products are laid in pit cells in several tiers in height with gaskets for gaps. The loading and unloading of the disconnected parts is carried out by bridge cranes, telfs moving to monorail, arrow or goat cranes (the last two types of cranes are used only for landfill manufacturing of parts).

The coefficient of filling of pitcers is usually higher than that of tunnel, since the products in them are placed without trolleys. When loading with long and slab products, it is 0.20-0.25, when loaded with pipes-0.15-0.20. For the office, you will be very useful for water treatment filters.

For more economical consumption of pair of pits, as well as tunnel, are located several pieces of blocks in one place. In the manufacture of long or slab products on a stand in closed or at landfills, removable or mobile ravine chambers are used.

Removable cameras are made in the form of a spatial frame, which is sheathed on both sides with the boards with the laying between them toly, or all -metal with graceful wool and upholstery of the crowd. The dimensions of the caps or removable cameras are set so that the clearances between their inner surface and the outer points of the shape of the products are 5-10 cm. In order to ensure a denser fit of the cap to the stand along the contour of its support, hydraulic shutters are arranged or rubber gaskets are laid. The steam supply under the caps is carried out using a flexible hose with the tip from the perforated pipe.