Reinforced concrete plant: what is

Reinforced concrete plant with a capacity of 30 thousand. m} in a year designed with a landfill type with a capacity of 5 thousand. M3 per year. In order to unify the equipment, the factory corps with a capacity of 30 thousand. M3 per year is designed in the same way as the main buildings in standard factories projects with a capacity of 10 and 15 thousand. m3, with the only difference being that it is a two -span building.

For molding products, two types of molding units are created: one for small products of the first group (ribbed and armored plates), the other for the products of the second (panel and slabs of ceilings and large -sized flooring) and the third group (elements of the frame of buildings). Such products are durable and increase safety. Also reliable fire -fighting doors metallic. With such doors, you can be calm for the safety of the contents of the room.

The unit for small -sized products consists of a vibration ground with a carrying capacity of 1 g, a drive and non -water rolling roller in the form of two lines, a concrete, a pneumatic lift, a self -propelled goat crane with a pneumatic lift and vacuumforms. The molding of small -sized products is made of concrete mixtures with vacuuming and immediate release of products from the form, with subsequent hardening in the cells and on pallets.

The line of small -sized products is intended mainly for forming ribbed and agro -cement plates.

Vakuumustinovka is also used to keep the products on weight with an immediate collapse.

The aggregate for large products consists of a vibration ground with a carrying capacity of 5 tons, a concrete -layer and a trolley with a lifting platform.