Reconstruction of old houses: how to do it yourself

Back in the late 90s, experts said that the resource of fixed assets created by almost 100% in Soviet times will simply end at one time. They also said that their stock is limited only to the 20s and no more. But at that time, neither the state nor the business wanted to listen to all this. And now we have an acute need to update and modernize energy supply, transport and housing systems.

Today, most of the housing stock is owned.

There are several sources of financing. This is the state, investors, the bank and the landlord itself. If we consider the state as a source, it is worth noting that it does not have enough money for even more necessary needs, what is already talking about the modernization of housing.

The investor will invest only if this project will pay off.

The bank will provide money for major repairs only if you are sure that you will return the money to him.

The owner himself remains. If we assume that representatives of the middle class live in the house and they will agree to drop a couple of thousand hryvnias to modernize the premises, there will still be 2-3 people who will abandon this venture. If you have the opportunity and money, then use the offer “Earth is not expensive” and build a house there. It will be more convenient than having an apartment and depend on someone.

It turns out that there is no way out? There are often discussions at various meetings, but there are no special results in this matter. Therefore, it remains only to hope for oneself.