Reasons why the Russians stopped buying currencies

Because of what the Russians do not buy currency

A significant part of Russians transferred ruble reserves to currency earlier, during the period of active growth of foreign currency.

 Now, against the backdrop of constant fluctuations in the cost of the ruble, prefers to monitor the situation, but do not take any active actions.

At the same time, the latest grades of the Ministry of Economic Development show that citizens began to spend their currency savings. According to the results of the beginning of 2017 to July inclusive in the country, the real salary decreased by 8.8%. The situation was especially difficult in July, when the fall was 9.2%. At the same time, the so -called real disposable income compared to June increased by 1.4%.

Experts tend to believe that the multidirection of indicators is associated with the expenditure of part of the currency reserves, which, after exchange for rubles, are spent on the market.