Putty: what kind of powder material is this

Putty – thick viscous or powdered material consisting of various pigments, fillers used to align the walls before decoration of the room. It differs in its characteristics and destinations, it is dry or humid.

The purpose of the putty is the alignment of the surfaces to be painted, the decoration of walls and ceilings in internal and outdoor work. It is different in composition and its properties. For example, the adhesive mixture consists of 10% of a solution of glue, olifa and chalk. This composition is strong and easily applied to the surface. When applying it to the walls, creates an even surface, correcting defects and unevenness.

The putty good in quality has the necessary plasticity and after drying has a solid smooth surface. It is most often found in the form of a dry mixture. Dry mixture is diluted with water before work and thoroughly shakes.

Acrylic putty can also be used for repair. Acrylic differs dry in that the already prepared dry mixtures turn into a solid stone after 20-35 minutes, and the acrylic can stand until the very morning, a week, a month and even more.

After preparing a mixture, starting from the corners, we put a spatula with a wide spatula. It should be applied with a neat thin layer, since when applying thick and insufficiently elastic layers tend to crack. Because of this, the protected properties of the coating may be lowered. Each putty putty should dry out well. The thickness of the layer should be no more than 3 mm. At the end of all the done to polish the surface with abrasive paper.

What tools should be used for putty: a spatula for processing small holes and cracks; Metal spatula for putting putty on large areas; plastic rolling, as an additional tool for rolling the roller during painting or primer; bar; table for masking work at a height.

But do not forget to clean the walls from the residues of obsolete wallpaper and whitewashing before starting the putty before starting the putty, and covering with a primer, improving the adhesion of the putty with the wall. Make repairs with us and then you will succeed.