Pulling resistance: what is it like calculated

Depending on the moisture content of the stacked pasta, the time of sequential tests of piles was assigned.

The criterion of the correctness of the assigned test deadlines was the constancy of the pulling load in the last four experiments. This remark must be understood in the sense that the site of the curve must go straight; This will indicate the constancy of the pulling load, or the maximum resistance of the pile.

Statistical processing of discrete quantities obtained in experiments (absolute values ​​of displacements from each stage of the load; maximum pulling outlines in the given time intervals) made it possible to establish a relatively high correlation coefficient equal to 0.82-0.85.

It is known that the state of clay soils is assessed by the consistency in. For the curves of 1, 2 and 3, the value in was respectively 1; 0.5 and 0, t. e. The piles were immersed in the Nizhnekombrian clay of fluid, tight, tight and semi -hard consistency. These curves allowed to give an approximate assessment of the degree of hardening of the clay surrounding the pile. So, curves and to a certain value of vertical movement equal to 0.4 cm, almost coincide, despite the different state of clay, and with an increase in the extinguishing load, when the vertical movements of the piles increase, intensively diverge, which serves as evidence of the effect of clay consistency. Moreover, the greater the effort, and therefore movement, the more the effect of the consistency is more affected, which is also characterized by the speed of extraction. Only the pile testing time in the clay of a given consistency changes.

Consequently, piles, immersed in clay soils of a solid or semi -hard consistency, have an increased bearing capacity compared to the bearing capacity of piles immersed in plastic and gently plastic clay. This is well known and has long been proved by numerous tests of piles in full -scale conditions. At the same time, an increase in the strength of clay, which is in a half -hard and hard states, occurs faster, which is very important for the appointment of piles in time.

The resistance of pulling out depends on the contact of clay particles, which can be determined by the value of the consistency.