Puff of foundation bolts: process features

Work should be started as quickly as possible after the end of the supporting surfaces of the foundation frame to ensure reliable grasping of the newly laid concrete with concrete, which was knocked down by the frame.

After 16-24 hours, the formwork is removed and the excess concrete is removed over the supporting flanges of the frame, while making a bias from the foundation frame to the periphery in accordance with the project. Three or four days after the ending of the supporting surfaces of the foundation frame, the jacks and protecting them from the formwork concrete fall or turn off the adjusting bolts, and they are entrusted to the holes or pour them with lead and they are knocked out of the supporting flanges in the places of the formed niches of the murmur of the above composition. After that, the formwork is installed in the places of formed recesses outside the foundation frame, fill these places with the same concrete and compact it. After 16-24 hours, these formwork are removed, excess concrete is removed in the places of the former niches, making the slope from the frame to the periphery the same as on the rest of the surface, after which the upper surface of the foundation is plastered. After plastering, the surface of the foundation is moistened for 7-10 days to avoid the formation of cracks on it and then, after drying, it is covered with oil-resistant paint. The surfaces that are subject to cladding with Metlakh tiles are not plastered and not covered with oil -resistant paint, but prepared accordingly for the cladding.

Puff of foundation bolts. 8-12 days after the flanges of the foundation frame, the foundation bolts finally delay the absence of the lack of deformation of the frame and its horizontal. Moreover, no significant changes compared to the position of the frame before its fixing should occur. If deformation or deviation of the frame from horizontality is detected in excess of the permissible limits, this will mean that the frame is knocked down poorly and it is necessary to move the frame.