Protective flooring: what are

Often, investing a huge amount of money and effort in the arrangement of housing, we want to save the view of our new house as long as possible. The basis of the house is the floor, the design of which takes a significant part of the time, therefore it is its owner that seeks to protect from the negative impact of environmental factors, to protect from all kinds of damage.

In this case, by the way, all kinds of flooring will come in handy, which can be found in abundance in construction stores. Such materials are applied to the floor in order to complete the decoration, and from a practical point of view – to protect against scratches and moisture. In the process of applying them, no difficulties arise, they are used to process any surfaces (from metal to wood and tiles) and retain their wonderful appearance for a long time.

Types of flooring

The type of flooring you need depends on the result that you want to get. They differ in composition and are as follows:

– Polyurethane coatings: based on solvent – wear -resistant, but over time can acquire a yellowish tint. If it is produced on a water -based, then it will be rapidly drying and not toxic, and also will not turn yellow. However, it will require updates every 3-4 years.

– Epoxy: it acquires additional properties due to the mixing of various chemical elements.

In addition, if the lack of sliding effect is important for you, you should use a special tool with such properties that it will provide you with additional security. Also, floor coverings can also perform a decorative function, simulating the appearance of various surfaces and providing a wide range of colors.

Advantages of flooring

The positive qualities of this kind of coatings, of course, prevail: this is protection against daily damage, and hygiene, and the absence of various kinds of cracks. Such a coating will make the cleaning process simple, and the coating will last you for several years even with minimal care. As a result, it turns out to be relatively economical, easy to use. It will be an ideal option for those who have pets in the house, small children or people subject to allergic reactions.