Positive properties of ceramic decoration

Preparing to repair your home, plans and dreams always appear a picture of a perfectly done work and a beautiful, updated interior. Therefore, you will choose finishing and building materials based on the planned project. Their variety is large and difficult to figure out what exactly is suitable for decorating and repairing turnkey apartments, or bathroom, kitchen.

After all, if there was an idea to design the interior with ceramic tiles, first of all it is necessary to find out its characteristics (wear resistance, moisture absorption, composition), whether it is suitable for facing external or internal work, etc. D. A large selection of ceramics of color scheme and plots on historical, fabulous motives amazes the imagination. Ceramic tiles are made of white or red clay, has both a porous and dense base. Can be covered with icing, or maybe not. Highly porous tiles are used for wall cladding, as it is less durable and more absorbs moisture.

It can be laid with a very narrow seam. Poorly porous ceramics are laid outside and indoors. Withstands frosts, mechanical damage. Porcelain tiles (gres, ceramic granite, colormass), due to its mechanical properties and resistance to chemicals, fit on the floor with high patency. The composition of Colormass includes quartz, field spat, kaolin, and staining substances make up metals oxides. Such tiles are not glazed. Tiles of two -time firing faces the walls and floor of rooms, bathrooms, showers. Such ceramics have low water absorption due to the fact that it was firing twice. Various shades and colors are clinker tiles.

It is made of heterogeneous clay rocks and added dyes. Clinker ceramics wear -resistant, withstands atmospheric temperature extremes. Ideal for the design of buildings facades in regions with various climatic conditions.