Plaster: what is a lining material

Plaster is a facing material that is used to cover the walls. With the help of it, smooth and relief surfaces are created. The product is in great demand in the building materials market.

The repair of plaster is a thin matter, not that it would require special skills, but efforts certainly. Starting to repair, it is necessary, in addition to the plots with the fallen plaster, in parallel to repair the places of its damage: spots, cracks, flying pieces. Sites with an emergency condition, that is, the possibility of a collapse, neatly tap with a hammer.

All parts of the wall that are subject to repair are freed from plaster, the sutures of the tab are divided into 1.5-2 cm in the depths and the entire surface is washed with water. The process of plastering occurs in three stages: spray, primer and cover. The renovated segments should be thoroughly wiped at the joints with the old plaster, and fresh plaster should not go to the old.

In hot and dry weather, plaster is advised to constantly spray in order to avoid too fast drying.

When the rust is formed on the surface of the plaster, the place of formation must be treated with a 3% solution of hydrochloric acid, and fat spots with a 2% solution.

In the case of a hole or selling the plaster, and if dry plaster is glued to mastic, then a gypsum dough is prepared and a piece of plywood is cut out about the same size as the hole. The surface of the wall is cleaned of dust, moistened with soda, the dough is applied to the prepared cut board in the form of a pyramid, it is important that its height is 20 mm larger than the distance from the surface of dry plaster from the wall.

Before starting the repair of walls trimmed with tiles, it is necessary to carefully tap the cladding and remove the lagging tiles, the long -term damaged parts of the tiles are carefully knocked out, no matter what the rest, the necessary tiles. In the case of the residues of a strong layer of the solution at the place of removal of the tiles, it should not be removed. New tiles are glued to it with special glue.

To clean the tiles from a hardened solution, they are smeared with a 3% solution of hydrochloric acid.