Plaster: a complex wall alignment process

In modern construction, not a small merit of a conventional plaster mix remains for alignment and decoration of the premises. It is the main finishing material in particularly wet rooms or places where there is no large area (everyone knows that the decoration with drywall selects a large quadrature for the frame than a layer of plaster). With the development of the technology industry in construction, it also has undergone many changes and properly serves to align the walls, ceilings, window and doorways, as well as for covering voids and cracks. Moreover, sudden waterlogging of the working surface will not cause any damage to high -quality plaster, which can not be said about drywall products. The manufacture of a plaster mixture consists of natural components, which determines environmentally friendly products without toxins. The use of quality material along with modern coatings contributes to the service of plaster for many years, without any deformation of the layer. The only minus of plastering processing is the cost of personal time. It is spent more than when decorating the same drywall. There are the following plastering mixtures in their composition: – by type of raw materials – mixed, cement, limest, etc.- By the property of raw materials – water (hydraulic) and dry (air) – by weight – with ordinary sand (heavy) or with more lightweight components: pumice, slag, etc. (lungs).The main criteria of any plaster is: – porosity – the presence of voids in this solution, which leads to the characteristics of the following criterion.- Water permeability – the more porosity, the more your plaster looks like a sponge.- Thermal conductivity – porous solution less warm, respectively.- Temperature – with plastering work, take into account the negative impact of low temperatures.- Density – usually the mass of the solution in conditional units of volume.- Strength – environmental impacts (rain, hail, wind), as well as mechanical influences (shock, brittleness).The rest of the qualitatively applied plaster gives a cozy appearance to any room both inside and outside.