Parquet board design: what is

Parquet board – a popular flooring, which, unlike a massive floor board, is not a homogeneous structure, but has three layers of natural woods. In size, this floor covering is similar to the massive board, and in appearance resembles a piece parquet. Although sometimes the parquet board is called new material, but this type of coating appeared in the forties of the last century. The main advantages of the parquet board, like any other flooring of wood are called environmental cleanliness, naturalness, wear resistance and durability. According to statistics, about sixty percent of wooden floors in European houses are a parquet board.

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The upper layer of the parquet board is responsible for the aesthetic function, as it is a facial. But at the same time, the durability of this coating depends on the strength of this layer. Therefore, the front layer is produced from solid wood: oak, maple, nut, beech, wenge, tick and so on. How much grinders this coating can withstand on the thickness of this layer depends. Typically, the thickness of the upper layer ranges from 0.5 to 6 millimeters. The thickness of the layer affects the cost of the parquet board. The middle layer uses lamellas of their coniferous wood, which are glued together. On the middle layer are located and elements of the castle connection. Lower layer of parquet board. As the lower layer, plywood plywood is used about two millimeters.