Operation of plastic windows: what to take into account

Proper operation of plastic windows is important for them to serve you as long as possible. To do this, only comply with a set of fairly simple rules for attention and care for this design.

Firstly, windows, like any other items of your housing, require periodic cleaning. It can be produced using an ordinary soap solution using soft detergents. Alcohol will help to get rid of large dirty spots. But remember that in no case can you use abrasive substances and acid, along with which acetone and nitro -cellulose solvents are worth. In addition, today on the market, some companies provide you special tools for cleaning PVC profiles.

Do not forget about accessories, which also needs special care. After all, it is she who is responsible for the functionality and reliability of your design. Remember the fittings should be at least once a year. Be sure to lubricate the moving parts and locking nodes. Any neutral oil is suitable for this, and for locking elements you can use the usual petroleum jelly or solidol. This is a fairly easy but very important operation will allow your windows to perform all your functionality without problems. Also do not forget to control the functional elements on the clamp in uniform sections of the sash.

Very important for windows-PVX ventilation and regular ventilation. The fact is that due to the tightness of the windows in a closed state, condensate is possible in the cold areas of the double-glazed window. This can happen due to increased humidity. Especially if it’s a kitchen. It is to reduce humidity and the presence of ventilation and ventilation procedures in the room, at least two to three times a day, is necessary. You should take care that warm air from the battery has a free path to the windows, which will provide a fairly small window sill.

These rules do not require special costs of both physical and material. But then you will allow you to extend not only the life of your windows, but also your comfort and convenience.