Open linoleum: how to do it with your own hands

It is important to cut the material correctly before laying linoleum, and during this work it is necessary to take into account many nuances and features. If linoleum has one color, then it must be placed in the direction of natural light, thus placing it perpendicular to the outer walls. Thanks to this location, you can perfectly hide ugly seams and create a monolithic surface. If linoleum has a drawing, then it is best to lay it in parallel to the outer walls, and it is important that the drawing strictly coincides.

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You can purchase a completely different width of the material, so for a certain room it is best to purchase a piece that will cover the floor completely. Drinking in the middle of the room can significantly worsen the appearance of the room, so it is not recommended. Sometimes situations arise when the edges of linoleum look inaccurate and ugly, so it is not possible to obtain a docking of the picture between two canvases. In this case, they need to be laid nearby and overlapping, and then move them in various directions until a complete coincidence of the picture is reached. After that, it is necessary to reliably fix the position of each strip. Next, remove the edge of the canvas lying on top, and with the help of a knife cut a small piece of lower.