Open for the future: what are

Not elite cottages, but apartments will become the main product in the near future, which in the Moscow region in the housing market is preparing to offer Open Investments company. Artemy Krylov, General Director Opin claims: diversification of the portfolio thanks to more affordable projects will make it possible to withstand macroeconomic fluctuations. During 2012-2016, the company plans to bring nine more projects to the market (six of them-together with construction companies) in various segments in the Kiev and Dmitrov directions, as well as in the Krasnogorsk district. The total amount of investments invested in joint projects can be up to $ 321 million, and in its own – about $ 400 million.

Cottages will still be

– Opin is associated with cottages costing millions of dollars located in expensive villages. Now the company claims that it focuses on apartment buildings with medium number of storeys.

– We will still have cottages, there are current projects now, and then there will be new ones, but thanks to such a product as apartments outside the city we will be able to increase sales using coverage of a wider consumer audience.

Since the summer of 2012, we will begin to build an apartment elite complex, which will be located near the former boarding house Rublevo (ANEXIMA Act, Rublevo CJSC, 14.3 hectares for development). It will be a complex of houses with a high class from four to seven floors in height and with apartments of 70-150 square meters. In total, about 50,000 square meters, approximately the total costs will amount to $ 3000 per 1 square meter excluding land, therefore, about $ 180 million, this is with external and internal and underground parking networks. We plan to take a foreign contractor in order to ensure high quality construction.

Infocase. The architecture uses longitudinal profiled “belts”, framing decorative panels and serve for visual isolation of individual sections of the walls – the so -called thrust from gypsum. The surface of gypsum rods has decorative relief, and the variety of styles makes it possible to fit them into any architectural context.