New generation paints: what are

It often happens that it is impossible to be in the room in which the repair has just passed due to a specific smell of dyes and solvents used for repair. In order to avoid this, modern scientists have developed substances that could reduce the toxicity of various chemicals.

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When these substances are added, the duration of the paint decreases, and they also improve the smell due to the use of flavorings. All of the above properties are contained in water -based paint, which does not emit toxins and does not smell. Such paint dries very quickly, which allows the application of the second layer in a couple of hours. The base of the paint consists of glue PVA, latex and acrylate. In order to dilute the paint, ordinary water is used. After applying such paint, the walls are obtained with a matte tint.

Very often water -based paint is applied to wallpaper designed for painting. Thanks to this combination, you can get unique design textures. For the bathroom, water -based paint is used, which has increased moisture resistance. It is worth noting that such paint is not suitable for external work, as well as for covering metal surfaces.

One of the varieties of paint is a Venetian who perfectly copies natural marble. The Venetian is divided into two types – polymer and natural, when applying the walls breathe. Polymer, in turn, is not very susceptible to mechanical effects. Imitation of marble is possible thanks to the use of decorative inclusions.