New design solutions: what to look for

During the year, previously issued projects were supplemented by new design decisions that increased the planned volumes for these facilities and, accordingly, demanded other decisions in the organization and work technology in order to fulfill them in the intended time. Ultimately, the volumes of concrete laying, and planned and additional, were made and compiled:

– According to the SEV water intake – 26 thousand. cubic meters,

– according to the water intake of hydroelectric power stations – 46 thousand. cubic meters.

Compare now with the above volumes. Those who are related to construction matters will understand how difficult this overfulfill was and what efforts were required of all performers. Nevertheless, the tasks at all facilities were completed within the time periods established by the construction headquarters, or ahead of schedule: according to the SEV water receiver – by November 18; According to the hydroelectric station – by November 21, and by December 5, the supply channel of the hydroelectric power station of the hydroelectric power station was prepared for the filling of the reservoir, and when performing work related to the development of the channel and concreting its bottom (one of the additional work), it was required to ensure travel to the entrance sections of turbine water conduits which complicated the work and restrained their pace.

In March 2007, the team of the branch was entrusted with the implementation of a complex of concrete work in the zone of the 4th unit of the hydroelectric power station building, which, for a number of reasons for the organizational nature, turned out to be the most backward elements, which had been made by that time at other units and all schedules for the production of work. Owing to the description of the measures that were taken, we will only say that by May the lag was liquidated, the work was included in the schedule, and within the established time limits were carried out by section No. 3 of the branch (head of the site m. Magomedov) All those tasks that were established by the construction headquarters to ensure the implementation of programs related to the launch of the 1st unit.

In the second half of the year, according to the agreed decision of the customer and CEO of Chirkeigesstroy, the branch’s functions were significantly expanded: his status was determined as a leader in the TADEC – Chirkeyigessstroy consortium and the task was to sharply increase the pace of construction of the dam.