Mounting cable communication lines with your own hands

The effectiveness of the functioning of communication lines, of course, is affected by the quality of the work on their laying. The complexity of construction and installation works is due to compliance with all the necessary rules and precautions.

The experience of installers is of key importance, which should be well versed in various types of cables, methods and methods of laying, taking into account the density of the development of settlements.

The entire laborious process of building communication lines can be divided into several stages. The choice of styling method is carried out at the design stage. Specialists need to find a middle ground between the cost and reliability of various options for laying communication lines: by air, under water, in ground, in underground communications.

Typically, within cities, it is more advisable to lay the cable route in sewer networks, and outside the settlements – in the ground. The cable sewage system should provide access to cables and their protection and include such components as pipelines, tunnels, boxes and cable communication wells, introductory cable rooms. Now, more and more often when organizing a cable route, concrete pipes and wells are replaced with plastic. This increases the tightness and life of the system, simplifies installation work. Laying of communication lines in the ground can be carried out by a trench and tassurous method.

Installation and commissioning of equipment – the next key stage. With the totality of coordinated actions and quality work of specialists, certified materials, components and equipment, customers receive a full -time communication line. System service of cable networks commissioned, includes repair and diagnosis of faults. Complex repair work should not be limited to simple detection and repair, but include preliminary diagnostic measures, reconstruction of the necessary elements, a complete or partial replacement of equipment, restoration and major repairs, if necessary.