Mosaic tile laying scheme: what you need to know

Mosaic tiles are modern and maximum stylish solution in order to finish the surface of the walls in the kitchen room, especially with regard to the area of ​​the apron. This kind of decoration often performs a protective character, and also largely forms individuality and simplicity for the entire interior. Such mosaic tiles often have standard dimensions, which are 30×30 centimeters, the process of laying sheets itself is carried out in accordance with a certain sequence and technology.

If you dwell in more detail on the layout of mosaic tiles, then it will need to be pressed using two hands to the surface of the wall, directly along the middle line of the wall surface. Do not put pressure on such tiles very much, movements should be without the use of excessive power. Thus, you can easily install it in the required place, and then smooth it using a rubber roller. The surface can be leveled with a plywood piece. It is applied directly to the surface of the laid tile, while performing rhythmic tapping with a wooden or rubber hammer. The blows inflicted by this tool must certainly be easy. Laying laying is carried out in the direction from the bottom up until the actual moment of forming the corresponding apron.

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