Mosaic from bat tiles: how to assemble a composition

Often for decoration, mosaic is used, especially to decorate the bathroom, countertops, vases, tables, facade of the building. Mosaic looks very original, which is based on a broken tile. It will not only brightly decorate the design of the room, but also has its advantages.

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This option of tiles is much cheaper than the whole;

The installation of a mosaic of battles can be done independently without special skills;

The appearance of the mosaic is much better than a simple tile. It is not only beautiful, but also original, individually and practical.

You can create a mosaic of battles according to two principles:

First – installation of pieces of tiles in chaotic order. Moreover, the more different pieces, the brighter the mosaic will turn out. But this process also has a number of features:

– the size of pieces of broken tiles should not differ by more than 20%;

– Tiles located nearby should be of various colors.

The second – during installation, a drawing is created, for this, the tile is laid out in a certain order. To create a pattern of bat tiles, several stages should be performed:

– choose tiles (tiles of different colors, one thickness and texture);

– selection and preparation of elements;

– the creation of an ornament from the mosaic (first the contours of the picture are applied, and then the elements of a bat, the desired color and shape are laid out;

– grinding seams (a special composition is used, which is applied using a rubber spatula)