Modular art parquet: what a floor covering

The advantages of artistic parquet are expressed in its sophistication and aesthetics, because it was not for nothing that he received another name – “Palace”. The amazing complex drawing of such a parquet looks luxurious and at the same time traditionally.

However, artistic parquet is quite complicated in laying and caprizen during operation, for example, it is incompatible with warm floors. Laying out an intricate ornament manually is a very painstaking and laborious work, so a decent replacement of a piece of artistic parquet was created – a modular parquet.

The use of art parquet made of ready -made modules will save time and time when laying. In addition, such a parquet of racks to external influences is not deformed from high temperatures, which allows you to use it along with warm floors. Typically, modules for such a parquet are produced using high technologies, which allows you to maintain the perfect geometry of the pattern even with high loads.

The upper layer is made of different breeds of expensive wood. The differences in the texture and color of the tree allow designers to create an intricate pattern, which, repeating in each module, merges into a single ornament. This type of flooring is great for interiors made in a historical style: classicism, ampira, baroque.

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