Modern URSA insulation: Features of the material

The line of materials of the URSA brand presents high -tech heater of the new generation, which are characterized by unique operational characteristics. The distinctive qualities of these materials are their environmental friendliness. Mineral heaters previously used in the implementation of construction and repair work were dangerous for people’s health, could cause skin irritation of installers. Ursa insulation do not emit dust particles and do not smell. Studies confirmed their harmlessness for people. During the production of Urs, environmentally friendly, natural materials are used that contribute to the creation of a benevolent microclimate in structures and premises of various purposes. In addition to insulation tools, the products of the URSA brand can serve as a reliable and high -quality sound insulator. These materials are suitable for insulation of various types of premises, including children’s rooms. The environmental friendliness of these heater bores the possibility of their use to solve the problems of insulation of walls and roofs. Ursa products in the building materials market are found in rolls, or in plates. This provides additional amenities and advantages when installing insulation. The main operational qualities that distinguish URSA products among other materials:-strength;-elasticity; -the-gigroscopicity;-high sound absorption;-approval of installation; -the-nasal thermal conductivity; -cologicality; -cologicality;. The Universalstroy company offers a large selection of URSA brand insulation at affordable cost. These products are optimal in solving problems of insulation of various objects.