Modern hinged castles: what is it

A hinged castle is rightfully considered the most ancient locking device. Its main advantage is that it can be installed without any damage to the box or door leaf. Everything that will be necessary for a reliable hinged castle is special eye, through which the pipe will pass. In addition, a modern hinged lock has not a high cost and it can be very easily replaced. If for any reason, you need to open such a castle, then in order to learn more about the opening of hinged locks follow the link.

Today, manufacturers of hinged castles are constantly working to eliminate the existing shortcomings, and make such locks more advanced. Thanks to this, all the mechanisms of modern hinged castles are a completely reliable system that can successfully withstand, for example, intellectual and power hack. The hinged castle is very often used for reliable protection of country houses, garages, household and utility rooms, various construction sites, locker rooms and the like.

The design of the hinged lock itself is quite simple. The device consists of a strong case, an arc and a special eye. Previously, in order to increase the resistance of hacking, the castles were made more massive, mainly from cast iron. Some blow with a sledgehammer and the castle scattered into pieces. Now, castles are available from very strong alloys, and the arches themselves are the result of modern technologies and high engineering developments. Dules can successfully resist the saw and will never change their strength, for example, when exposed to very low temperatures.