Methods of insulation of the apartment: how to paint radiators

Before starting to warm the apartment, it is necessary to determine the source of heat loss. Such sources may include windows, doors, walls, floors, balconies. First you need to seal windows. The balcony for insulation is required to glaze, for this it is best to use modern plastic structures. Also warm the windows using tubular profiles, which have a lot of advantages. They are invisible, tightly glued to the frame, allows the window to open freely and close. The service life of tubular profiles reaches five years. It will be best if the profile is glued at a temperature of at least five degrees. That is why insulation must be done before the onset of cold weather. The door can also pass cold air. To avoid this, you can install the second, or replace the old one with a better. As a heater, you can use a felt, the stripes of which are upholstered around the entire perimeter of the door. We must not forget about the quality of the operation of the heating system. If necessary, old radiators must be replaced with new. If this is not possible, you need to put old radiators in order. To do this, they must be thoroughly washed and removed the old layer of paint.

After that, paint with special paint for radiators. For the best heat transfer of the battery, it is required to put aluminum foil for it. A warm water system will help to make an apartment warm and cozy. Also, as a floor covering, you can use a carpet that is able to protect your legs from the cold. Wall insulation can be carried out using polystyrene foam, which repels moisture and is an excellent vapor barrier.