Metal tile: roof laying technology

The use of metal tiles for the roof helps to solve a lot of problems. One of them is installation, which is fast and simple. Also attracts the magnificent appearance of the material and the entire structure.

The life of this roofing material is at least thirty years, or even more – it all depends on factors such as climate and area.

The metal tile in Tyumen, having a smooth surface, does not allow you to accumulate on the roof of snow or rain, they will flow perfectly from the roof, moreover, it cannot be burned.

A rich color palette is considered a great advantage of metal tiles, unlike natural ceramic tiles. When choosing shades, it is always necessary to take into account the style of the structure, the general plan. For example, the classic style is characterized by tones of red, brown color, they can be appropriate for any type of construction, including for a frame house.

The structure of the metal tile

So, the metal tile is a steel sheet, the thickness of which varies within 0.4 – 0.7 mm. These sheets are up to eight meters long, although it is worth adding that sheets of smaller length are usually used, since they are easier to transport, lift to a height, overload and so on.

In the manufacture of the coating, they give a form that is similar to natural ceramic tiles. The steel sheet is previously galvanized, since the coating consisting of silicon, zinc and aluminum significantly increases the wear resistance of the material. Then the sheet is treated with a chemical composition, a primer is applied to it, and only after it the upper side is covered with a finish, finishing polymer layer.