Metal on the floor: is it worth using

If you want to arrange something special in your apartment, take a closer look at today’s hit-stainless steel flooring. Original, fresh, durable. This can often be found if you visit apartments in new buildings.

Currently on sale there are a huge number of different types of flooring. Designers advise, equipping a small apartment, to use one cover on the floor everywhere, which will be a unifying factor and visually add spaces. Wanting to refresh the interior of a large apartment, it is wiser to resort to a combination of various types of flooring. In this case, a bright accent can be a fragment of the floor with a metallic shine.

Today, at the plants, metal tiles are produced both matte and polished and immediately appear in flooring stores. It is quite possible to lay them without special training, the main thing is to have all the necessary tools, the technology is simple. The main thing is that the surface on which they fit is even. If the surface is uneven, then the surface is aligned.

Metal tiles to cover the floor are perfectly combined with materials from other textures that can be used as partners. This is a carpet, laminated laminate, laminate, parquet, etc. D. as well as tiles from other materials – ceramic and other.

Of course, the high-tech style, which is associated with a stainless steel floor, will not look harmonious in all residential premises. This must be taken into account, and not abuse this very spectacular material. Do not forget that the metal always looks aggressive.