Membrane film coating: what is

At the final stage of the construction of the house, it is important to finish in such a way that for a long time not to return to the issue of repairs or not to face problems of the need to eliminate the shortcomings and errors of work.

Unfortunately, a frequent case that bears a destructive character is the penetration of moisture from rains and snow through the external walls into the internal structure, which, as a rule, is sheathed with insulation. Moisture is also absorbed from the inside of the rooms and penetrates to the insulation. If its composition exceeds the norm, the insulation may lose its beneficial properties twice or more times.

In order to warn such troubles, protect the new house and preserve heat, coziness and comfort in it, we need hydratratroophytas – a special membrane film coating, which protects thermal insulation from moisture penetration to it and helps to withdraw water vapor from insulation of water vapor.

The material is based on a vapor -permeable membrane and can be used to protect the attic roof, if its slope is made at least 35 °, as well as the same walls – multi -storey buildings, especially if they are created from set -out building material.

Advantages of the material

Hydrasitra protection is performed in such a way that the pairs are allowed to let it on one side and bring them to the atmosphere, while its external side does not pass moisture in the opposite direction. Thanks to this main feature, a number of positive properties of the film are formed:

Creates normal conditions for maintaining important qualities of the insulation of the building.

Together with the insulation increases the thermal insulation properties of wall and roof decoration.

Affects the durability of the insulation and retains the walls of the building in normal operational conditions.

When installing, it does not require additional installation of ventilation gaps, which is significantly saved by the repair budget.

In order to install hydraulic protection, you need to follow the same rules as in the installation of other waterproofing materials and apply it directly to the design with thermal insulation.