Materials for the construction of walls: which to choose

During the construction of houses, various types of building materials are used today. Among them are brick, concrete, blocks, wood and others. Among this variety of materials, it is quite difficult to choose something specific. In order to understand which material itself will be optimal in a particular situation, it is necessary to consider them in more detail.

Naturally, it is necessary to start with brick – the most common and durable material. Brick walls do not rot, they are not afraid of pests. The insignificant sizes of this material make it possible to implement a wide variety of architectural solutions, since it seems possible to create a house with absolutely any form using it.

Brick is a fireproof material, which makes it possible to arrange a stove or fireplace from the walls. Another advantage of this material is its heat capacity, as a result of which in the house in the summer it will always be cool, and in the winter, heat.

Brick can be used in combination with concrete. In terms of characteristics and properties, concrete has the same advantages as bricks, however, it is less warm and has a greater weight. At the same time, the walls of lightweight concrete are much less than brick, which significantly saves consumables and useful space.

If you work on the project of a one -story house, of course, you can opt for a tree. He is characterized by a low level of thermal conductivity, so a very cold house can really quickly be scored. Wooden houses are absolutely not afraid of frost. Among the shortcomings of wood, its lightweight fraud, exposure to fungi and insects can be noted.