Marble: Reasons for the popularity of building material

Modern construction and repair is less and less without materials obtained by artificially, but demand does not fall for natural materials, marble in particular. Marble was always famous and appreciated by its qualities, appearance, simplicity of processing and environmental properties. Being durable building material, it can give a feeling of comfort and comfort only with professional styling and compliance with the rules for the care of natural finishing coatings.

Despite the simplicity of cutting and processing, plasticity, marble – a fairly strong material that has everything else antiseptic and moisture resistant properties. Products from this natural stone, whether window sills, floors of the steps, will last a long time, bringing joy to the owners of the house and guests for a long time. The rewinding of electric motors in Moscow is now very popular by many people use this service.

The longest operation is ensured by professional installation, for which it is necessary to choose the correct components for gluing stone and laying. For example, the stones of noble varieties cannot be glued to a cement mortar and glue for decorative materials. As a result of incorrectly selected glue, there can be the protrusion of salts, additives and pigments to the surface of the marble, and after drying with this, nothing can be done. Special adhesive compounds for natural stone are much more expensive than usual, but provide the highest quality and perennial connection of surfaces without harming them.