Marble baby: when it appeared, manufacturing technology

One of the construction companies in 1988 began the production of material, which included glue and marble granules. Currently, such small crumbs are used in apartments and offices, and large – when arranging the facade of buildings. Such marble crumbs are strong and very resistant to blows. Moreover, it does not burn out, and with the help of the crumbing material connecting the material, it turns out to be elastic. This, in turn, allows the material to avoid the formation of cracks. Marble crumbs are used in the construction of schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, that is, in those places where there is an increased load on all walls. As you can see, this material is very relevant in our time, and therefore it has found such a wide application. Not so long ago, the production of marble crumbs on an industrial scale began, but this step has somewhat changed the construction industry. How to apply this baby? First of all, it is necessary to apply soil that will prevent the exfoliation of the material, since parts are glued, which are poorly held. If the surface is porous, then drywall is used, and for brick – acrylic glue. The surface on which the baby will be applied can be different from the color of the crumb itself, so you need to apply another layer of soil, with which it will be possible to align the color. The base color for the ground is white. Cauline is best taken where you purchase marble baby. After applying the soil, you should take the baby and smear it along the wall. Should be applied from angle to the corner and do it quickly so that the joints are not noticeable. If the surface area is large, then two people should at the same time. The time for drying this material is 15 minutes, after which it is grouting with steel grater also from the corner to the corner. But you can already smooth one way in one direction. So you can get the perfect surface.