Manual saws and hacksaws: how to choose, features

The saws of all modifications are manual cutting tools. They, as well as hammers, are very different in their intended purpose, size, as well as form.

The largest are two -handed saws (they are usually used for the dissolution of logs on boards) are up to 2 m long, and the shape of the canvas is mowed. They always hold such a saw with both hands, so its handles are located across the saw canvas.

They work with a simple two -handed saw like this: the log is usually attached to the goats. One of the sawmills climbs upstairs, on special bridges, and the second stands below. The log is gradually dissolved into separate boards, lifting, and then lowering the two -handed saw. For the reason that a wider part of the saw is upstairs, then when the two -handed saw, it deeply praises the wood due to her bevel.

The height of the tooth of the two -handed saw is up to 20 mm, and it itself is quite heavy. It remains only to imagine how two employees will wave all day with this saw from the bottom up!

The work of a two -handed saw is exhausting, which is why the manually sawed boards were very, very expensive, and the main building material was an ordinary round log. And the logs of the logs were fed buckwheat porridge with goose slopes or with a rich goose fat. This food is very high -calorie, and the main thing is that it is “easily fed” in the stomach, without creating unpleasant sensations that interfere with work. But that is another story.

Currently, two-handed saws on the farm are still widely used, which are often called summer residents in the name: “Friendship-2”. And they are usually used only for sawing firewood, cutting stumps in the production of work on the improvement of the territory as well as for sawing a beam or various large logs.

The cutting surface of the canvas in such a modern saw has not kokoy, but a segment form. When working with a two -handed, well -sharpened and qualitatively diluted saw on its handle, it is not necessary to crush down at all. The main thing is only very easy to maintain the canvas Ipil to work without noticeable jerks. And due to its form, the modern two -handed saw cuts the logs itself.