Magnetic materials: what are

Magnetic materials are called substances with magnetic qualities that can change the magnetic field inside which they are located. This group belongs magnetic steels, nickel, cobalt, pure iron and its alloys. A distinctive feature of magnetic materials is the ability to magnetize under the influence of an external magnetic field. Magnetic materials are magnetic, magnetoski, ferrite, thermomagnetic, magnetostrocational and magnetopathic.

Magnetyagic materials are characterized by low indicators of coercive force, high permeability and small specific losses and are used in the production of cores of transformers and electric machines. This also includes permalloys – alloys with increased magnetic permeability. Magnitus materials are characterized by enlarged coercive power and residual induction. Permanent magnets are made of such alloys. Ferrita – complex iron oxides – are widespread in computing and radio engineering, communication technology.

Thermomagnetic materials have a strong dependence of the degree of magnetization on temperature and are used in measuring instruments, as well as temperature sensors. Magnetoptic materials have the ability to rotate the plane of light polarization. Used in optoelectronics and laser technique to control light flows. Finally, a feature of magnetostrocation materials is an increased ability to deform during magnetization. Such alloys are used in receivers, electric motors and emitters of sound and ultrasound.