Log metal -chairing: what is it, pluses

In almost any person, wood causes associations of comfort, warmth, respectability. So the wooden country house is necessarily perceived as comfortable and warm housing. Many people dream of such a house, but it is worth saying for the sake of justice that the cost of a high -quality forest at the moment is such that this dream remains only a dream.

But there is an option to change the situation, this option is called the use of metal siding for a log, which is often also called vinyl block house. This finish option can be a great alternative to wooden decoration. Metal -chairing for a log will allow you to create a beautiful and reliable house from a summer house or old building.

Metal -chairing under the log simulates an almost accurately natural log. For the production of this type of siding, sheets of galvanized steel are perfectly used, which have an additional protective polymer coating. To create a special shape of the sheets, rolling special equipment is used. The material has different shades that imitate the wood of different breeds.

Metal siding has gained high popularity not only due to high popularity, but also due to a large number of advantages. Additional stiffeners allow you to achieve special strength of the material. Its weight is small, high resistance to fire, UV radiation, external factors is noted, and the installation is simple and convenient.

Release metal -shaiding in the form of a log of a single or double. Dimensions depend on the manufacturer. But approximately width is from 20 to 40 cm, and the length depends on the requirements of the customer and can be from 0.5 to 9 meters. Metal thickness declared 0.5 mm.