Listoga is manual: what is it, features

The flexion of galvanizing on leaf bends appeared not so long ago, much earlier the roofers bent a sheet of metal with the help of an ordinary wooden hammer – kiyanka. Entoropailed gyboatya devices made of three boards were also used and they were called meals, such a device made it possible to significantly increase the speed of handmade when the roofing elements are flexible.

In the modern production of profiles made of thin sheet steel, use hand -to -hand bending machines – leaf beams. Listoga manual is designed to give a certain geometry a metal sheet, as well as some machines have a cutting roller knife, which allows you to cut metal on one machine.

As an example, we give the TAPCO manual brand leaf sags, such machines have been produced in the United States Michigan since 1961 and have proven themselves in the Russian market well. Tapko machine (rus.) is a manual mobile complex for bending and cutting a metal sheet, the length of the leaf bends of this brand can reach up to 4400 mm with a thickness of up to 0.9 mm. Slippers easily understands and can work in any conditions, in t. h. on construction sites, thanks to its mobility. On the tapko manual machine, you can bend a metal sheet with a painted surface without damaging the surface structure, due to the presence of silicone insert on the nose of the backup beam leaf beam.

The supply of such a machine includes a set of spare parts for repair, a roller knife for metal (with a cut thickness of up to 0.8 mm), an anglomer, a supporting stand, on which a leafgie itself is placed, a video with a film that describes the work of the machine. Also, if you ask what you can make on it, we will answer – almost any intelligent element of metal. At one of the construction exhibitions of the city of Chelyabinsk on the machine, a flexion of vertical siding – a facade panel was demonstrated, which before it was possible to make only rolling equipment (profile -based lines).

We also ask you to pay attention to the taps manual leaf beed system, along the entire length of the clamping beam, special clamping eccentrics are located for uniform fixation of the metal sheet, which eliminates the effect of the saber with a gibe.