Liquid wallpaper: how to correctly choose finishing material

Recently, the market of building materials is rapidly developing, completely new high -tech materials are constantly emerging, these are liquid wallpaper. These wallpapers appeared relatively recently, but have already managed to win interest in themselves. What are these wallpaper, and where they can be applied?

Liquid Ob is a fundamentally new type of decorative decoration, which differ from ordinary wallpaper in absolutely everything, except that they are also applied to the walls. These wallpaper consist of natural materials, such as paper and pulp fiber. By the way, after applying the wallpaper, gas supply is usually installed.

The method of using such wallpaper is very simple and does not require special skill, you just need to dilute the mixture package in a bucket of water, and apply the resulting mixture to the walls. The thickness of the wallpaper is performed from 1 to 3 mm, and 10 mm can reach.

Liquid wallpaper can be used for decoration of both residential and non -residential premises. With this type of wallpaper, you can finish the bedroom, corridor and kitchen, only when decorating the kitchen of both, it is advisable to open with colorless varnish.

This type of wallpaper has many advantages, they do not peel off, do not disappear, do not burn out, do not require the selection of the picture, have a good sound – and thermal insulation. The advantage is also that, despite their natural basis, they do not absorb odors and do not require special care, cleaning is performed by cleaning with a simple vacuum cleaner.

The disadvantage is the high cost of liquid wallpaper compared to ordinary, especially when applying a thick layer, and it is undesirable to use them in the rooms where they smoke (they are modern, they can darken).